Fuck Off and Die - Anti All (2008)
Country: Lituania
Genre: Old School Black Metal
Length: 50:00min
Filesize: 63MB
1. Anti All
2. Worldwide Terror Campaign
3. Shut Up, Subhuman
4. Dont Look At Your Back
5. Cunt Does Not Rule
6. Nothing Happens...
7. Homo Homini Lvpvs
8. War - The Only Hygiene Of The World
9. Hate, Indifference And Alcholism
10. Sextermination
11. I Despise Pigs Like You
12. Karvabernis
13. Hes Turning Blue (Carpathian Forest cover)
14. I Hate Her (Cripple Bastards cover)
15. Nugaleti (Fanarai cover)
16. Without Emotions I Observing
17. And Everything Will Return In Silence...