Månegarm - Vargstenen(2007)

Country: Sweden
Genre: Viking Metal
Length: 51:17 min
Filesize: 98 MB
- Uppvaknande
- Ur Sjфlslig DЎd
- En Fallen Fader
- Den Gamle Talar
- Genom Vфrldar Nio
- Visioner Pх Isen
- Vargbrodern Talar
- I Underjorden
- Nio Dagar, Nio Nфtter
- Vargstenen
- Vedergфllningens Tid
- Eld
Equilibrium - Turis Fratyr(2005)
Country: Germany
Genre: Viking Metal
Info: mp3 192kbps
Size: 83 Mb
01.Turis Fratyr[00:34]
02.Wingthors Hammer[06:40]
03.Unter Der Eiche[04:50]
04.Der Sturm[03:45]
05.Widars Hallen[08:15]
07.Heimdalls Ruf[01:50]
08.Die Prophezeiung[05:18]
10.Im Fackelschein[01:58]

11.Tote Heldensagen[09:10]
12.Wald der Freiheit[03:00]
13.Shingo Murata[05:27]

Country: Finland
Genre: Viking Metal
Info: mp3 192kbps
Size: 51,5 Mb

1.Beyond the Dark Sun
2.Winter Madness
3.Sleeping Stars
4.Battle Against Time
5.Death and the Healing
7.Beautiful Death
8.Sadness and Hate
Country: Finland
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Info: mp3 320kbps
Size: 78.42 Mb
1.Heroes To Us
2.Burbot’s Revenge
3.Cloned Insanity
4.The Third, The Magical
5.Bird Of Ill Omen
6.Doubtful About It All
8.Man With Mystery
9.Moon Of My Nights
Imperanon - Stained (2004)
Country: Finland
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Info: mp3 128kbps
Size: 39.3 MB
1. Blade
2. Memories to Dust
3. Stained
4. Prisoner In Me
5. Sold
6. Hollow Man
7. Rythm of Pain
8. Shadowsouls
9. Vein (I Bleed)
10. The End
Satyricon - Dark Medieval Times(1993)

Genre: Black Metal
Country: Norway
Info: mp3 192 kbps
Size: 58.86 MB

1.Walk The Path Of Sorrow
2.Dark Medieval Times

4.Min Hyllest Til Vinterland
5.Into The Mighty Forest
6.The Dark Castle In The Deep Forest

Old Man's Child - Vermin(2005)
Genre: Sympho Black Metal
Country: Norway
Info: mp3 320 kbps
Size: 65.20 Mb
1.Enslaved And Condemned[04:15]
2.The Plague Of Sorrow[04:09]
3.War Of Fidelity[04:19]
4.In Torment's Orbit[05:04]
5.Lord Of Command (Bringer Of Hate)[04:51]
6.The Flames Of Deceit[04:39]
7.Black Marvels Of Death[04:22]
8.Twilight Damnation[04:42]
9.As Evil Descends[01:11]

Graveworm - (N)Utopia(2005)
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Country: Italy
Info: mp3
Size: 63.23 MB
1. I - The Machine
2. (N)Utopia
3. Hateful Design
4. Never Enough
5. Timeless
6. Which Way
7. Deep Inside
8. Outside Down
10. Losing My Religion
Forest of Shadows - Departure(2004)

Genre: Doom Metal
Country: Sweden
Info: mp3
Size: 85.61 MB
1. Sleeping Death
2. November Dream
3. Bleak Dormition
4. Open Wound
5. Departure
Marduk - Rom 5:12 (2007)
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Sweden
Info: mp3 VBR Joint stereo
Size: 92.2Mb
1. The Levelling Dust
2. Cold Mouth Prayer
3. Imago Mortis
4. Through The Belly Of Damnation
5. 1651
6. Limbs Of Worship
7. Accuser/Opposer
8. Vanity Of Vanities
9. Womb Of Perishableness
10. Voices From Avignon
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Finntroll - Ur Jordens Djup (2007)

Country: Finland
Genre: Viking/Folk metal
1. Gryning
2. Sång
3. Korpens Saga
4. Nedgång
5. Ur Djupet
6. Slagbröder
7. En Mäktig Här
8. Ormhäxan
9. Maktens Spira
10. Under Två Runor
11. Kvällning
Dimmu Borgir - In Sorte Diaboli(2007)

  • Country: Norway
  • Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
  • Lenght: 45 min
  • Filesize: 58.47 MB
  • tracklist:
  1. The Serpentine Offering
  2. The Chosen Legacy
  3. The Conspiracy Unfolds
  4. The Sacrilegious Scorn
  5. The Fallen Arises
  6. The Sinister Awakening
  7. The Fundamental Alienation
  8. The Invaluable Darkness
  9. The Foreshadowing Furnace
Sonata Arctica - Ecliptica (1999)

Country: Finland
Genre: Power Metal

1. Blank File
2. My Land
3. 8th Commandment
4. Replica
5. Kingdom For A Heart
6. Full Moon
7. Letter To Dana
8. Unopened
9. Picturing The Past
10. Destruction Preventer
11. Mary-Lou