Thurisaz - Circadian Rhythm (2007)
Country: German
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Length: 49:18 min
Size: 82MB
1. Symbols
2. Falling
3. Point of No Return
4. Circadian Rhythm
5. Fading Dreams
6. Switch to Red
7. Impending...
8. ...Betrayal
9. Past Perfect
Mutiilation - Sorrow Galaxies (2007)
Country: France
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Length: 44:38 min
Size: 102MB
01. Cosmic Seeds Of Anger & Dementia
02. The Coffin Of Lost Innocence
03. Cesium Syndrome 86
04. Acceptance Of My Decay

Download: Part1 - Part2
Full Discography
Country: Sweden
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Darkthrone - F.O.A.D.(2007)
Country: Norway
Genre: Black Metal
Length: 40:17 min
Size: 80MB
1. These Shores Are Damned
2. Canadian Metal
3. The Church of Real Metal
4. The Banners of Old
5. Fuck Off and Die
6. Splitkein Fever
7. Raised on Rock
8. Pervertor of the 7 Gates
9. Wisdom of the Dead

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Nightwish - Dark Passion Play (2007)
Country: Finland
Genre: Power Metal
Length: 1:15:46 min
Size: 136MB
1. The Poet And The Pendulum
2. Bye Bye Beautiful
3. Amaranth
4. Cadence Of Her Last Breath
5. Master Passion Greed
6. Eva
7. Sahara
8. Whoever Brings The Night
9. For The Heart I Once Had
10. The Islander
11. Last Of The Wilds
12. 7 Days To The Wolves
13. Meadows Of Heaven

Download: Part 1 - Part 2
Make a Change... Kill Yourself - II (2007)
Country: Denmark
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Length: 40:59 min
Size: 62MB
1. Life Revisited
2. Fooling The Weak
Mercenary - 11 Dreams (2004)
Country: Denmark
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Length: 1:01:51 min
Size: 70MB
1. Into the Sea of Dark Desires (intro)

2. World Hate Center
3. 11 Dreams
4. Redestructdead
5. Firesoul
6. Sharpen the Edges
7. Supremacy v2.0
8. Music Non Stop (Kent cover)
9. Falling
10. Times Without Changes
11. Loneliness
Bathory - In Memory Of Quorthon Vol.I [compilation] (2006)
Country: Sweden
Genre: Black/Viking Metal
Length: 1:19:00 min
Size: 180MB
1. Song to Hall Up High
2. Oden's Ride Over Nordland
3. Twilight of the Gods
4. Foreverdark Woods
5. A Fine Day to Die
6. The Woodwoman
7. I've Had it Coming my Way
8. Armageddon
9. Born to Die
10. God Save the Queen (Sex Pistols cover)
11. The Sword
12. For All Those Who Died
13. Call From The Grave
14. Born For Burning
15. Boy

Download:Part1 Part2
Forest Of Fog - Abgrunde(2006)
Country: Switzerland
Genre: Black Metal
Length: 45:39 min
Size: 80.7MB

1. Der letzte Triumph
2. Nebelnacht
3. Die Vision
4. Stumm
5. Boten des Unheils
6. Ein neuer Tag
7. Der Turm
8. Am Abgrund

Ulver - Shadows Of The Sun (2007)
Country: Norway
Genre: Ambient
Length: 39:58 min
Size: 36MB
01. Eos
02. All The Love
03. Like Music
04. Vigil
05. Shadows Of The Sun
06. Let The Children Go
07. Solitude (Black Sabbath cover)
08. Funebre
09. What Happened?

Helloween - Gamble With the Devil [Promo] (2007)
Country: Germany
Genre: Power Metal
Size: 34MB
1. Crack The Riddle (Intro)
2. Kill It
3. The Saints
4. As Long As I Fall
5. Paint A New World
6. Final Fortune
7. The Bells Of The Seven Hells
8. Fallen To Pieces
9. I.M.E.
10. Can Do It
11. Dreambound
12. Heaven Tells No Lies
Part 1 Part 2
Disgorge - She Lay Gutted(1999)
Country: America
Genre: Grindcore
Length: 24:54 min
Size: 34MB
1. Revelations XVIII
2. She Lay Gutted
3. Exhuming The Disemboweled
4. Compost Devourment
5. Sodomize The Bleeding
6. False Conception
7. Womb Full Of Scabs
8. Disfigured Catacombs
9. Purifying The Cavity
Soilwork - Figure Number Five(2003)
Country: Sweden
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Length: 40:50 min
Size: 56MB
1. Rejection Role
2. Overload
3. Figure Number Five

4. Strangler
5. Light The Torch
6. Departure Plan
7. Cranking The Sirens
8. Brickwalker
9. The Mindmaker
10. Distortion Sleep
11. Downfall 24

Malevolent Creation - The Ten Commandments (1991)
Country: America
Genre: Death Metal
Length: 38:16 min
Size: 87 MB
1. Memorial Arrangements
2. Premature Burial
3. Remnants Of Withered Decay
4. Multiple Stab Wounds
5. Impaled Existence
6. Thou Shall Kill!
7. Sacrificial Annihination
8. Decadence Within
9. Injected Sufferage
10. Malevolent Creation

Satanic Warmaster - Full Discography
Country: Finland
Genre: Black Metal
2003 - Opferblut
Ajattara - Kalmanto(2007)
Country: Finland
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Length: 36:49 min
Size: 57 MB
2.Turuuden Takila
5.Harhojen Virta
8.Alttarilla Aamut鋒den

Thy Serpent - Christcrusher(1998)
Country: Finland
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Length: 41:43 min
Size: 95 MB
1.Chambers Of The Starwatcher
2.Curtain Of Treachery
3.Thou Bade Nothingness
4.So Free Are The Wolves
5.Circle Of Pain
8.Calm Blinking

Thy Serpent - Lords of Twilight(1997)
Country: Finland
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Length: 36:09 min
Size: 31 MB
1.Prometheus Unbound
2.The Forest of Bl錵ulla
3.Ode to the Witches, Part IV
4.In Blackened Dreams
5.As Mist Descends From the Hill
7.Epic Torment
8.In Blackened Dreams
9.Ode to the Witches, Part III
User Ne - Atropa Natura (2006)
Country: Spain
Genre: Pagan Metal
Length: 1:00:34
Filesize: 86 MB
1. Cuadrante 4
2. Vientos Ne Mar
3. Ramlun Sahra�Un
4. Chanson, Femme, Vie
5. Das Uh�rt
6. Atropa Datura
7. Temptation Of Belief
8. 1, 2, 3, Jari
9. III 00:47
10. Ma�ana Ma�ana
11. El Chascarrillo
12. Inverness Medical Center
13. Stramonium
14. Finger Pinini
15. Asita Venres
16. Todos Recordamos
17. Gaia (bonustrack)

Nortt - Ligfærd (2005)
Country: Denmark
Genre: Ambient Black Metal
Length: 45:23 min
Size: 64 MB
1. Gudsforladt
2. Ligprædike
3. Vanhellig
4. Tilforn Tid
5. Dødsrune
6. Ligfærd

Abyssos - Together We Summon the Dark(1997)
Country: Sweden
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Length: 1:05:41 min
Size: 91 MB
1. We Hail Thy Entrance
2. Misty Autumn Dance
3. Banquet in the Dark (Black Friday)
4. Lord of the Sombre Reborn
5. In Fear They Left the World Unseen
6. As the Sky Turns Black Again (Love Eternal)
7. Together We Summon the Dark
8. I've Watched the Moon Grow Old
9. Through the Gloom into the Fire

Shining - V - Halmstad (2007)
Country: Sweden
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Length: 42:33 min
Size: 65 MB
1. Ytterligare Ett Steg Nдrmare Total Jдvla Utfrysning
2. Lдngtar Bort Frеn Mitt Hjдrta
3. Lеt Oss Ta Allt Frеn Varandra
4. Besvikelsens Dystra Monoton
5. Еttiosextusenfyrahundra
6. Neka Morgondagen

Abyssic Hate - A Decade Of Hate (2006)
Country: Australia
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Length: 61:13 min
Size: 93 MB
01. Intro (The Demon)
02. From An Unknown Plane of Existence
03. Cleansing of an Ancient Race
04. Land of Impenetrable Darkness
05. Damned for Eternity
06. Tarrasque
07. Bloodletting
08. Eternal Damnation
09. Knight Of The Living Dead
10. Human Despair
11. Attack!
12. The Blood War
13. The Victory Is Ours (Absurd Cover)
14. Betrayed
Kapein - Golgotha(2005)
Country: Germany
Genre: Raw Black Metal
Length: 28:03 min
Size: 34 MB
2.The Essence of Eclipse
3.River of Dead Souls
4.The Crippled Hand of Golgotha
5.Of Crawling Chaos

Moonspell - Under Satanae (2007)
Country: Portugal
Genre: Black Metal
Length: 50:30 min
Size: 81.6 MB
01.Halla alle halla al rabka hall

02.Tenebrarum Oratorium
03.Interludium - Incantatum Oequinoctum
04.Tenebrarum Oratorium

05.Opus Diabolicum
06.Chorai Lusitania

07.Goat on Fire
08.Ancient Winter Goddess
09.Wolves From The Fog

10.Serpent Angel
The Duskfall - The Dying Wonders of the World (2007)
Country: Sweden
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Length: 41:44 min
Size: 70 MB
1. Paradises into Deserts
2. The Wheel and the Blacklight
3. Deep in Your World
4. Some More Sin on My Burden
5. Shadows and Cancer
6. Bring Us Your Infected
7. The Option and The Poison
8. Sealed with a Fist
9. I've Only Got Knives for You

Limbonic Art - Legacy Of Evil (2007)
Country: Norway
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
Length: 59:06 min
Size: 83.5 mb
01.A Cosmic Funeral of Memories
02.A Void of Lifeless Dreams
03.Grace by Torments
04.Infernal Phantom Kingdom
05.Legacy of Evil
06.Lycanthropic Tales
07.Nebulous Dawn
08.Seven Doors of Death
09.Twilight Omen
10.Unleashed from Hell
Fragile Art - Axiom (2007)
Country: Russia
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Length: 44:54 min
Size: 102MB
01.From Blind Love To Wild Hate
02.Run 2U
03.Not Dead Not Alive
05.Mirror Of Fate
07.Ray Of Light
08.Dreams Of Dumb Instincts
09.There Is A Hope
10.Black Freedom
Foscor - The Smile Of The Sad Ones (2007)
Country: Spain
Genre: Black Metal
Length: 51:46 min
Size: 69MB
01. Sot Endins
02. The Smile of the Sad Ones
03. Life's Death Code
04. El Palau Dels Plors
05. The Shame and the Spectre
06. L'ombra De L'adicció
07. Gebre
08. ...I Tornà De Les Cendres
09. Narrow is the Path to Darkness

Mandragora Scream - A Whisper Of Dew(2003)
Country: Italy
Genre: Gothic Metal
Length: 1:06:13 min
Size: 150MB
1.Isserggia's Hope
2.Silent Lullabies
3.A Vision They Shared
4.Velvet Eyes
5.IIaonman Iifbiich Vampires
6.Labyrinth Of Earth
7.Lactate Veins
8.Bloody Ballade
9.Rainbow Seeker
10.Close Every Door
11.Crow's Love
12.A Whisper Of Dew

Download:Part I Part II
Mortifera - Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera(2004)
Country: France
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Length: 34:40 min
Size: 31MB
2.Le Revenant
3.A Last Breath before Extinction
4.Epilogue d'une Existence de Cryssthal
5.Ciel Brouill
6.Abstrbve Negabvtiyon Rebssurectyion
7.Aux Confins des Tenebrss
8.Fruits of a Tragic End (Celestia Cover)
Mors Principium Est - Inhumanity(2003)
Country: Finland
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Length: 38:30 min
Size: 52MB
1. Another Creation
2. Eternity's Child
3. In My Words
4. Inhumanity
5. D.I.B.
6. The Lust Called Knowledge
7. Oblivion
8. Life In Black
9. Last Apprentice
10. Into Illusion