Ilbeltz - Auskan Gabiltz Olatun Gainian (1598 Potrobizargorri I) (2010)
Country: Spain
Genre: Pagan/Black Metal
Length: 1:09:04 min
Size: 107MB
1. Subak Ixeinttu Itxasotako Udek (Fire has Light the Sea Waters)
2. Maiñel Moxkortiyarena (The Drunk Fisherman's)
3. Helduiak Buztanetio Moteil (Hold my Tail, Buddy)
4. Auskan Gabiltz Olatun Gainian (We're Struggling on the Waves)
5. Potrobizargorri, Pirata Ondraua (Potrobizargorri, the Honest Pirate)
Part I Part II
Equilibrium - Rekreatur (2010)
Country: Germany
Genre: Viking Metal
Length: 1:23:01 min
Size: 182MB
01. In Heiligen Hallen
02. Der Ewige Sieg
03. Verbrannte Erde
04. Die Affeninsel
05. Der Wassermann
06. Aus Ferner Zeit
07. Fahrtwind
08. Wenn Erdreich Bricht
09. Kurzes Epos (Instrumental)
Bonus CD
01. Der Ewige Sieg (acoustic version Rekreatur)
02. Nach Dem Winter (acoustic version Demo 2003)
03. Blut Im Auge (acoustic version Sagas)
04. Die Prophezeiung (acoustic version Turis Fratyr)
05. Heimwarts (acoustic version Sagas)

Waldgeflüster - Herbstklagen (2009)
Country: Germany
Genre: Pagan / Black Metal
Length: 54:06 min
Filesize: 90MB
1. Sommerabend
2. Herbst befiel das Land
3. Wolfsgeheul
4. Wotan sang
5. Herbststürme
6. Von Einsamkeit...
7. Herbstlich Wanderung
8. Erster Schnee
9. Wintermorgen
Pensées Nocturnes - Grotesque (2010)
Country: France
Genre: Psychedelic Black Metal / Neoclassical
Length: 54:06 min
Filesize: 123MB
1. Vulgum Pecus
2. Paria
3. Rahu
4. Eros
5. Monosis
6. Hel
7. Thokk
8. Suivant

Agalloch - The Compendium Archive [best of/compilation] (2010)
Country: United States
Genre: Atmospheric Doom/Dark Metal
Length: 2:16:46 min
Filesize: 311MB
Disc 1
1. The Wilderness
2. As Embers Dress the Sky
3. This Old Cabin
4. Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor
5. Foliorum Viridium
6. Haunting Birds
7. Hallways of Enchanted Ebony
8. The Melancholy Spirit
Disc 2
1. Kneel to the Cross (Sol Invictus cover)
2. A Poem by Beats
3. Odal (Infinity Mix)
4. The Death of Man III
5. Tomorrow Will Never Come
6. Fragment (Second Phase)
7. The Wolves of Timberline
8. Falling Snow (Alternate Mix)
9. Scars of the Shattered Sky
10. Fragment 4

Download: Part I Part II
Folkearth - Viking's Anthem (2010)
Country: International
Genre: Viking Metal
Length: 44:42 min
Filesize: 116MB
1.Beasts From The Blizzards
3.There Is No Death
4.The Eternal City
5.Viking's Anthem
6.To Avalon
7.A New Day Is Rising
8.Warrior Code
9.The Conquering Nightmare
10.Set Sails To Conquer
11.Legacy Of Steel
Setherial - Ekpyrosis (2010)
Country: Sweden
Genre: Black Metal
Length: 44:42 min
Filesize: 103MB
01. A World In Hell
02. Ekpyrosis
03. The Mournful Sunset Of The Forsaken
04. The Devouring Eye
05. Subsequent Emissions From A Frozen Galaxy
06. Thoughts Of Life They Wither
07. Celestial Remains Of The Cosmic Creation
08. Enemy Of Creation