Exiled From Light - There Is No Beauty Left Here... (2010)
Country: New Zealand
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Length: 59:36 min
Size: 225MB
1. We Writhe as Worms
2. The Bitter Taste of Tears
3. Clarity Viewed Through Dying Eyes
4. Faded are my Memories
5. The Essence of Hope, Drained
6. There is no beauty left here…
7. Funereal: A Dream in Illusion
8. Funereal: Of that which lies beneath
9. Funereal: Through Twilight…

Mort - Everything (When Mine Eyes Blacken, Balthazar, Nekrofrost, Nystagmus, Winds of Sorrow, Schizophrenia, Serpenthrone, Beyond Light, Einsamkeit (Nzl), Funereal (Nzl), Our Diabolical Embrace)
Tracks 7-9 on disc 2 are by Funereal (Nzl)