Woods of Ypres -The Green Album (2009)
Country: Canada
Genre: Doom Metal
Length: 01:18:28min
Size: 90MB
01. Shards of Love
02. Everything I Touch Turns to Gold (then to coal)
03. By the Time You Read This (I will already be dead)
04. I Was Buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery
05. Dirty Window of Opportunity; Can You Get Here in 10 Days
06. And I am Pining (For You)
07. Wet Leather
08. Suicide Cargoload (Drag that Weight)
09. Halves and Quarters
10. You Are Here with Me (In this sequence of dreams)
11. Retrosleep in the Morning Calm
12. Dont Open the Wounds - Skywide Armspread
13. Natural Technologies
14. Mirror Reflection & The Hammer Reinvention
15. To Long-Life, in the Limbo Union
16. Move On! (the woman will always leave the man)